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Coachella Valley: Land of Eternal Sunshine and Warm Deserts

October 6th 2020

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The majestic Coachella Valley is located in Southern California. It is famous for its nature and warm sun. Suitably, it is called the The city of eternal sunshine.” Most tourists visit the 9 cities that make up Coachella Valley at any given time to enjoy this warm place’s natural beauty and sunshine. I'll tell you more about Greater Palm Springs, as Coachella Valley is also known. When you are considering buying real estate here, learn about the Importance of a Realtor over a Real Estate Agent.

Coachella Valley,  Investing in Real Estate Coachella Valley, Real Estate, Realtor

The  Coachella Valley is mostly famous for its sports activities. As a result, it is equipped with a variety of golf courses, desert area, bicycle clubs, zoos, national parks, tennis courts, hiking trails, horse riding, polo, hot air ballooning, rock climbing, stargazing, and other outdoor activities.


The Coachella Valley consists of 9 cities, namely, Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage), Palm Desert, Indian Wells, Indio, La Quinta, and Coachella. Additionally, each city has its unique feature, which attracts all tastes and mindsets. Life in these cities is peaceful, simple, and beautiful without the hustle-bustle of traffic and pollution.


Consequently, people who have a great interest in adventures come to this place. As they have a number of sites to explore and enjoy. These cities are full of surprises. Parties are ready to be savored, art festivals are prepared to be held. And nature’s beauty is waiting to be admired by the right people. Learn the Differences between a Real Estate Agent and a Realtor.



Activities and Events:

The Coachella Valley is a hub of activities and events that take place all year round. There are a number of things one could do when visiting the place. Ranging from outdoor activities to indoor shopping malls and museums, the Coachella Valley has it all. The main attractions of the site are:

  • The Living Desert 

It is a desert-themed zoo and botanical garden consisting of a variety of animal and plant species in The Gardens on El Paseo; A beautiful garden site that also consists of shopping and dining areas. Palm Springs Air Museum; Home to one of the world’s largest collections of WW2 Aircrafts and carriers and considered a must-visit. Palm Springs was stargazing; Consisting of state-of-art equipment and professional astronomers to make the stargazing experience perfect, this place is one of the most visited Coachella Valley attractions.  

  • The El-Paseo Shopping District

The number one attraction for shoppers in Coachella Valley consisting of more than 300 shops featuring fashion, jewelry, art, spas, and dining places. Moreover, El-Paseo is the home to many events that take place over the year, including Fashion Week, Palm deserts food and wine festival, Golf cart parade, Palm deserts first weekends, and so much more.

  • Outdoor activities

This involves Bicycle riding through the San Andreas Fault zone, passing through Box canyon, and ending with breathtaking views of the Salton Sea and the All-American canal. For the adventure seekers, a number of rock and boulder climbing, as well as hiking routes, are present. All the while providing beautiful views of the landscapes. Palm Springs in the Coachella Valley consists of a good number of horseback riding stables and polo matches, the most popular places being Smoke-Tree Stables for guided horseback rides and El Dorado and Empire Polo clubs for weekly polo matches in their respective seasons. 

Famous for its Aerial tours for sightseeing all of the beautiful landscapes and attractions. Be it airplane tours over the Santa-Rosa mountains, and Helicopter rides for the beautiful tour of Palm Springs Windmills or Hot Air Ballooning over the whole valley, the aerial tour is a must-do to get a bird's-eye view of the beautiful place.


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Coachella Music and Art Festival.

Coachella Valley, Investing in Real Estate Coachella Valley, Real Estate, Realtor

The Coachella Valley is home to many world-famous events from small concerts, art exhibitions, and plays to large scale festivals, the main one being The Coachella Music and Art Festival, which is one of the world’s most renowned music festivals. Hence, the crowd is enormous, consisting of influencers, celebrities, artists, singers, dancers, tourists, and many young people from all over the world.


The most awaited events of the year for many celebrities and fans are the concerts at The Coachella Music and Art Festival and various events. Because of this, music lovers jam out every year (except for a few when it was cancelled due to health reasons like covid 19) at the famous concerts that happen here, and the artsy people take tours of the infamous Coachella  walls and museums.


Empire Polo Club, Indio hosts this event. This world-famous festival has a huge impact on the tourism of the Coachella Valley. Since all the people coming in for the festival get the perfect chance to explore all that the Coachella Valley has to offer. 



Tourism in the Coachella Valley:

Coachella Valley, Investing in Real Estate Coachella Valley, Real Estate, Realtor

The weather in Coachella Valley is very pleasant which is why tourism is the primary source of business and income throughout its distinct cities. As a result, there has been over the years a sharp increase in these cities’ economies. As most people prioritize spending their vacations in the beautiful weather and greenery present in Coachella Valley, we expect this to increase. Already tourism in Coachella Valley is up 88% year over year as of August, 2020.


First, the biggest source of income comes from hotels, private bungalows, resorts, and residential areas, which depend on the number of tourist consumers. Specifically, the best hotels for tourists could be “Greater Palm Springs,” “Alcazar Palm Springs,” “Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs Hotel,” “La Maison Hotel,” “Little Paradise Hotel” and many others.


Second, the cities have been equipped with higher quality boutiques, self-care centers,golf courses, and other entertainment companies. However, most of the developments and businesses were made for tourists and their typically posh lifestyle. The Coachella Valley is full of great places to discover and enjoy with the people who you love.


Unfortunately, the economy of the valley being mostly dependent on tourism, like everywhere, was hurt by COVID 19. As a result, a sharp decline was observed when the COVID 19 pandemic first spread. All the tourism businesses were stopped so that hurt. Businesses which were not dependent on tourists were ordered to work from home. However Coachella Valley is already working on bringing 5g and planning additional ways to cater to its now growing population. Suburban sprawl is clearly back and since it's been many months we see no reason for it changing as homebuyers and renters alike consider a new question, "Is this a place I can quarantine in?" The answer is much more often yes in Coachella Valley's lovely homes.



Effects of COVID 19 on the Coachella Valley

Coachella Valley, Real, Investing in Real Estate Coachella Valley,  Estate, Realtor

The Coachella Valley is taking many measures to stop the spread of COVID 19 like everywhere. Dreadfully, The Coachella Music and Art Festival, sports championships and other important events were canceled by the government.


At the moment, the Coachella Festival has been postponed to next year. Meanwhile the tourism spots and places have taken the necessary steps to ensure the safety and health of the people that will now begin to visit with the decline in the COVID-19 spread.


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