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Investing in Real Estate + Fun Things To Do in Silicon Beach

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Originally Published September 24th 2020; updated on 5 October 2020

 silicon beach, Investing in Real Estate, Silicon Beach, real estate, real estate agent, realtor.

Located on the westside in the City of Los Angeles, Silicon Beach is a lifestyle and experience like no other. Along with the year-long sunshine, high walkability (walk score is 98); and a surfing lifestyle, Silicon Beach is donned with upscale beach communities and technological innovation. Investing in real estate in Silicon Beach enables buyers to capture some of the silicon that the most profitable companies and people have created.


Silicon Beach provides so many opportunities for growth. When investing in Silicon Beach real estate we are considering tens of miles encompassing Rancho Palos Verdes Estates and north to the city of Santa Monica, CA. Silicon Beach provides a pocket of unique and innovative residential and large commercial real estate investments.


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One of the major draws to Silicon Beach is that a huge number of the technology beheamoths and startups have set up their headquarters here in Silicon Beach, hence the name Silicon Beach. (In Northern California the San Francisco Bay Area is home to the first headquarters of tech giants like Google, Facebook, and thousands more trailblazing  world tech leaders).


Los Angeles was identified as the right second hub decades ago because what is now Silicon Beach. Formerly known as the individual cities that comprise it also feature much wide open space over what is now Playa Vista. Plus it is only a few miles to the airport. Some executives commute by plane daily during the week to the Valley because it's only a 45 minute plan ride from the second to the first HQ as the first campuses of Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn among others are known.


Tech company leaders such as Google, Microsoft, Youtube, Snapchat and Facebook have set up HQ in Silicon Beach. It's a very popular and authentic place where those venturing into LA may not realize has such a real culture.


According to the Los Angeles Economic Development Council, more workers are employed in these offices and companies than any other metro region.


Investing in real estate in Silicon Beach is an ideal living place for entrepreneurs, families and everyone. The close proximity to everything allows you to live and work successfully. It is one of the greatest opportunities in residential real estate. If you want to know more about this area, check: Is Silicon Beach still an innovative hub after COVID-19?


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Silicon Beach Activities + More Fun Things to Do in Silicon Beach

silicon beach, Investing in Real Estate, Silicon Beach, real estate, real estate agent, realtor.

Silicon Beach is considered by its residents as the heart of Los Angeles because it occupies almost all of the beaches. Some of the popular communities like Santa Monica, Playa Del Rey, Torrance and Playa Vista are home to well known figures in both technology and entertainment. Silicon Beach in itself is a famous tech hub, providing Los Angeles with an additional claim to fame in tech in addition to entertainment.

Due to the number of technology companies in Silicon Beach, many believe that this area is only for business.. And although it is a residential area for many, this does not take away from the immense amount of space for fun in Silicon Beach.


Warm climate and the beauty of its beaches located on the Pacific Ocean allows tourists and residents to enjoy a lifestyle with surf and sand. But of course, the social scene revolves around technology so if you are looking to start or meet other entrepreneurs to increase your connection in the technology scene, Silicon Beach is the perfect place for you. Learn the Differences between a Real Estate Agent and a Realtor.


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Loyola Marymount University and Otis College of Art and Design are some of the upper education institutions in Silicon Beach. Los Angeles students also love this area. UCLA, University of City California, Claremont College and Santa Monica Community College are nearby and among Silicon Beach.


A fun fact: Silicon Beach is a great sponsor for many admirable events taking place there. As it connects to Hollywood, you have both the local Playa Vista gatherings which are grand like Halloween where there is a live band but you can venture nearby to Hollywood too. Only 20 minutes away (provided there is no traffic, so go at off times). You can immerse yourself in award shows and major global public filming taking place within the area.


Mainly Silicon Beach city recreational activities are organized for people living and working here. While areas like Playa Vista require a payment from buyers moving in. It does cover their private sports clubs (2) and the community connects many activities as a result.



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