Investing in Real Estate in Rancho Mirage, Real Estate, Fun Things To Do

Fun Things To Do: Rancho Mirage

Originally Published October 1st 2020, updated on 5 October 2020

Investing in Real Estate in Rancho Mirage, Real Estate, Fun Things To Do

Rancho Mirage lies in California's Riverside County, located in the center of Coachella Valley between Palm Desert and Cathedral City. Rancho Mirage is famous for its warm and sunny weather, with the breath-taking views of palm trees, mountains, and in some lucky lots, lakes. Moreover, Rancho Mirage is a familiar real estate and vacationing spot for celebrities, politicians, and other wealthy people. The Gem of the Desert, as Rancho Mirage is known, has been developed to fulfill the standards of the luxurious upper class. Learn the Differences between a Real Estate Agent and a Realtor.


The city of Rancho Mirage is filled with several remarkable attractions that are ready to be explored by adventure-loving tourists and upgraded for those with ultimate leisure time and discerning comforts.

Rancho Mirage has many wonders, and to fully appreciate the grand scope of your best Rancho Mirage lifestyle you need only to look at investing in real estate here.


Your realtor should have the knowledge to help identify your most important goals in Coachella Valley home ownership and prepare you for what to expect from the paperwork to close to settling in to your new home.


The weather conditions are near to perfection say many retirees. With dry heat comes less aches and pains we hear, and while this isn't exactly proven,  you can come and test it out yourself. Retirees flock to dry destinations and Rancho Mirage has seen an uptick of 88% year over year!


It doesn't feel as hot when it's dry heat and cruising into October becomes the popular peak season due t 80 degree weather into winter when most areas are cold. Even early into the peak season the 103 degrees in Rancho Mirage will feel much more manageable than 103 degrees even in usually cooler places like San Francisco, because of the phenomena of dry heat.


Don't get me wrong though, you have it made if you have the option to leave during the month or two of the hottest summer months. Other than this workaround, the location of Rancho Mirage is ideal for everyone.

Investing in Real Estate in Rancho Mirage, Real Estate, Fun Things To Do

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Rancho Mirage is beautiful, you have to experience its atmosphere to appreciate it! It consists of several shopping malls, spas, restaurants, golf courses, parks, hiking trails, and other entertainment hubs.  Rancho Mirage is equipped with luxurious resorts, bungalows, houses, and other vacationing spots. There are educational institutions, libraries, and lectures too; measures for health and care centers are also provided.


The Eisenhower Hospital in Rancho Mirage was recently voted best in Riverside County. As such it has all upgraded facilities and the doctors are excellent in what they specialize in. Previously it was all about geriatrics and well known for cancer too, now we have a maternity ward opening up!


People from all over prefer Rancho Mirage for setting up their best lifestyle and businesses; and many others plan for vacation Rancho Mirage and then never want to leave.


At Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners, we help guide you to financial freedom and your best lifestyle. As a registered investment advisory with your wise and caring realtor, Lea guides you home. Lea is a wealth management expert having experience of over 15 years. Her leading real estate ideas have helped thousands find more arbitrage and meaning in their homes.




1)    Sunnylands Center and Garden

Notorious for its luxury and high-profile visits, 'Sunnylands' is a great place to sit back and enjoy. Many presidents and other VIPs consider this their favorite retreat. Sunnylands has a spectacular landscape with several beautiful garden walking paths. Furthermore, its golf courses are famous all around the Coachella Valley and are a crowd favorite. The Sunnylands tours are also available to the public to walk through the lovely scenery.


2)    Children's Discovery Museum

The Children's Discovery museum is a combination of knowledge and fun. With over 80 interactive exhibits for children to interact with, the museum allows children to learn in a fun way. Even adults find the Children's Museum charming and fun to visit as it hosts several workshops and programs for all ages throughout the year.


3)    Rancho Mirage Amphitheater

Situated at the Rancho Mirage Community Park on San Jacinto Drive, the newly built Rancho Mirage Ampitheater is an attraction for everyone. This Amphitheater hosts many events and functions, including the famous annual 'Music in the Park' event. With more than enough space to accommodate around 1,000 people, the amphitheater serves as the perfect place for events and festivals that aren't too big.


4)    Rancho Mirage Community Park

The Community Park contains the Rancho Mirage Amphitheater inside it. Other than that, several other park activities include tennis, racquetball, pickleball, etc. Quite a few beautiful picnic spots are also available in the park and there's a great children's playground at Rancho Mirage Community Park. Fitness stations are also present at spots through the walking track at Rancho Mirage Community Park. The Community Park is also a host to many Rancho Mirage festivals and events, one of the most famous: The Annual Rancho Mirage Art Affaire.


5)    Rancho Mirage Golf Courses

Rancho Mirage is famous for its world-class golf courses, with over a dozen golf courses for beginners and pros. Some of the most popular golf courses of the Rancho Mirage area include Rancho Mirage Country ClubWestin Mission Hills Resort, and the Mission Hills Country Club which hosts a golf tournament every year for the competitive players. Golf pros often end up buying homes here due to the abundance of breathtaking and challenging courses, but there are plenty of easy ones too for the novice.


6)    Rancho Mirage Public Library

The Rancho Mirage Public Library is a huge tourist attraction because it also includes an observatory in addition to the library's fantastic book collection. The observatory is very popular in Rancho Mirage. It is a must-visit as it is open to the public. The observatory contains state of the art telescopes that help all you stargazers and also aids educational purposes. The observatory hosts several events that line up with the stars or astronomy calendars, and the seats fill out very fast.


7)     Agua Caliente Casino

The Agua Caliente Casino is considered the hub of entertainment for those who like to gamble or see concerts in Rancho Mirage, as it boasts several exceptional facilities. The casino comprises a world-class hotel with spectacular spa services and a pool to relax. Home to the big entertainment theatre 'The Show,' is where most concerts and other musical events happen. The biggest names play here at the Aqua Caliente event center!


8)    Regal Rancho Mirage cinemas

This place is for the movie lovers, with a multi-screen theatre that features all the new releases and has all the comforts and luxuries that Rancho Mirage is known for to enjoy a movie.


9)    Cancer Survivors Park

The Cancer Survivors Park, as a celebration of life for the cancer survivors. And to show support to the cancer patients. The renowned Eisenhower Hospital has helped thousands through their battles with cancer as people come from all over. As a show of gratitude as donated many commemorations in the hospital and around. The beautiful one-acre Cancer Survivors Park located on the other side of Rancho Mirage comprises of ponds, tiled benches, a waterfall, and spectacular scenery.



In a nutshell, it could be said that Rancho Mirage is the perfect destination for vacations. New businesses are setting up here and it is very business friendly. In the past couple years the county of Riverside went from majority Republican to majority Democrat. It is a previously retirement community who's expanded as a social hub for tourists and other employment opportunities of all backgrounds.


Rancho Mirage is the perfect place for the people planning to move in to a peaceful environment and healthy lifestyle. The place is free from the traffic and pollution of the big cities. Many say the hillside prevents it from coming over.


Rancho Mirage is beautiful. It's set in a natural setting of sunshine and nature with all the significant living upgrades. This attracts many of the biggest names. However, Rancho Mirage is a bit more expensive due to it's limited supply compared to the rest of Coachella Valley. Overall however it is still cheaper than in most other California places comparatively speaking you get alot more for your money too. Rancho Mirage is a well-developed and extraordinary tourist and home destination for the right people searching for peace and simplicity that doesn't lack sophistication. To search for your Rancho Mirage home click here.

Real estate provides you with great returns over time. 

Let Lea, your royal realtor help guide you

It's as great of a time as ever to buy in real estate. The city initially experienced a decline in the economy due to the COVID-19 pandemic likewise other areas with primary tourism dependence. However soon it has continued to become it's #1 spot and is benefiting from the fact that Riverside County remains having the largest population growth in the country. In this leisure time of COVID-19. Most of the people living in California especially Los Angeles try to spend their time in this place to revive their natural peace.


On the other hand, the people living in Rancho Mirage enjoy peace and happiness nearly every day. So too do many politicians also prefer the place for important meetings and events.


Lea became a realtor  after seeing her clients time and time again not gain the right real estate advice. Unlike others she has leading fintech experience on both the financial planning and commercial real estate side. She also has invested in the areas she recommends. She uses her personal and varied team's experience to help clients at a very high level.


Be sure to visit our Financial Planning Resource Blog and don't miss new information and tips about Real Estate. Subscribe to new posts today and stay ahead of your best life with Lea, your wise and caring realtor; and our renowned and innovative team.

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