Real Estate, Real Estate Agent, Realtor, Silicon Beach, Santa Monica, Playa Del Rey

The Importance of a Having a Realtor in Los Angeles

Originally Published September 24th 2020, updated on 5 October 2020

Real Estate, Real Estate Agent, Realtor, Silicon Beach, Santa Monica, Playa Del Rey

Importance of Real Estate Agents & Realtors in buying/selling real estate 


The real estate industry is developing quickly. The role of a real estate agent is particularly crucial and significant. A realtor is your best primary source of important information required to purchase real estate property. Sometimes realtors may be asked about the area i.e Silicon Beach, Santa Monica, Playa Del Rey and neighborhoods of the places they are investing in.


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I will guide you home with the royal real estate experience that runs deep in my family for generations; and in the cities I call home.


As a realtor, we receive updates from the California Association of Realtors and National Association of Realtors. This is also a key difference of a realtor vereses a real estate agent. Realtors only can be members of the trade association which provides us the continual latest updates about trends and values in local and larger regions for real estate agents who are registered realtors. 


Not all realtors invest themselves in real estate. In general. You'd perhaps expect realtors to have personal experience of what is likely the biggest transaction in your and their lives. As well as know every aspect of the areas where they practice i.e school ranking, safety and other neighborhood details.


Realtors can be of game-changing significance, as Lea and her team have been dubiously called by clients. An ethical realtor also is eager to inform their buyers and sellers about all the suitable pros and cons of the place they are investing in.

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Real estate agents must be authentic and genuine to be successful. The National Association of Realtors' bylways state that the uprightness and morals of a real estate professional. The National Association of Realtors  makes it easier for the client to trust their realtor in what may be the biggest purchase of their client's lives. Advice must be cutting edge because real estate capital is extensive, thus affects your biggest decisions for years to come as well as now. Learn the Differences between a Real Estate Agent and a Realtor.


Lea became a realtor  after seeing her clients time and time again not gain the right real estate advice, unlike others she has leading fintech experience on both the financial planning and commercial real estate side. Her Mom is a luxury realtor in Tiburon and the San Francisco Bay Area; as well as the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage, to name a few notable relaxing Coachella Valley  locals).


People that come to big cities like Los Angeles or small, local towns like Hermosa Beach for their jobs mainly depend on the realtors and real estate agents as the source of information, once they find the team who is most caring. Before becoming dependent on their realtor, it's important to check your realtor's success record in investing in real estate; as well as overall experience and expertise.

Real estate provides you with great returns over time. 

Let Lea, your royal realtor help guide you

At Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners, we guide you to financial freedom in addition Lea, the realtorguides you home. Lea is a realtor as well a wealth management expert having over 15 years of experience in corporate worlds of finance and insurance services. In multiple Fortune 100 America, as well as leading commercial real estate artificial intelligence ideas.


Being able to make the most successful investments in beautiful places where you can enjoy your life is like a dream come true. Our team of brilliant minds will provide you with great financial advice when it comes to investing in real estate and living your best lifestyle.


We are your real estate gurus and we provide the exceptional and in-depth information about the place in which you are investing. We also make sure that our clients sustain their wealth. In conclusion, we are your sincere Wealth Partners who you can count on long-term to be here for your financial freedom in the years to come.


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Silicon Beach For Sale

Real Estate, Real Estate Agent, Realtor, Silicon Beach, Santa Monica, Playa Del Rey

Silicon Beach provides unique and innovative real estate opportunities. Located in the westside of Los Angeles, along with the year-long sunshine and surfside lifestyle, Silicon Beach is a lifestyle and experience like no other.


One of the major elements of Silicon Beach is that a huge number of the tech companies have set up their companies here. It is a very popular yet authentic place from the tourism point of view as well.  If you want to know more about Silicon Beach, check: Is Silicon Beach still an innovative hub after COVID-19?



Playa Del Rey For Sale

real estate, real estate agent, realtor, Playa del Rey

Playa Del Rey is considered as one of the best beachside communities of Los Angeles. The majority of Playa Del Rey is residential real estate. It is a mix of apartments in the flats and luxury Los Angeles houses and estates dot the hillside. Many with panoramic ocean views. The small apartments below are bound by streets on the east and west sides respectively.


The community of Playa del Rey is appreciated most for it's supreme location by the Pacific ocean and incredible beaches, some of our personal favorites. Head on over to Docweiler State Beach for some of the best views you could ever imagine during the day and into the sunset and beyond. For more information about Playa del Rey, check: Fun things to do in Playa Del Rey.


Santa Monica For Sale

Real Estate, Real Estate Agent, Realtor, Silicon Beach, Santa Monica, Playa Del Rey

If we talk about Santa Monica, CA this city is rich in both culture and history. The famous Santa Monica Promenade is a hallmark of Santa Monica, which is also the northern end of Silicon Beach. Besides this, there are many more reason families like to consult their realtors to invest in Silicon Beach real estate.


Silicon Beach is twenty minutes from Hollywood, many celebrities come to Hollywood for fame and fortune, or simply following their pursuits and then the latter follows. It has always been a top tourist destination and if you want to know more about Santa Monica, Check: Fun things to do in Santa Monica.

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