Investing in Real Estate in La Quinta, Real Estate, Fun Things To Do

Interesting and Fun Things about La Quinta

Published October 25th, 2020

Investing in Real Estate in La Quinta, Real Estate, Fun Things To Do

Hotels, resorts, casinos, and more tourist destinations like the PGA tour are the main thoughts to those who dont know La Quinta well, but the tourism attractions are not restricted to tourism - or La Quinta’s famous golf courses. La Quinta has much more than fun things to do to offer to its residents and tourists alike. There are immense job opportunities in construction sites, hotels, real estate, landscaping, and retail industries. To learn about the Importance of having a local realtor help guide you when investing in real estate in La Quinta, click the link.


La Quinta is also working hard to make a name for itself by branching outside the tourism industry as well; into 5g for the needs of tech founders and workers. There is no reason La Quinta can’t be a destination for your never-ending vacation lifestyle as a resident.

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La Quinta Education and Parks:


The city of La Quinta has a beautiful public library formed in 2005, and there are numerous schools here too. From private to public, La Quinta schools range from average to among the highest quality. The Desert Sands School District is the public school district and in its schools a few notable ones are the George Washington Charter School in La Quinta, which is right next to La Quinta High School.


As of 2017, DSUSD serves 28,958 students in Indio, La QuintaPalm DesertIndian WellsBermuda Dunes, and parts of Rancho Mirage and Coachella. Each student, as of the 2018 - 2019 school year, also began receiving Chromebooks from the grades of 2-12. Students needing a wifi connection at home can also be issued a mifi device to connect to the district's network.


The city has a significant number of parks for public use as well. There are almost 20 parks out there for tourists as well as the public. La Quinta Civic Center Park is available for events, picnics, walking paths, and much more. Then we have La Quinta Trails (hiking and bike trails). These trails are best for hiking as well as bike trails. Tourists enjoy climbing to the mountains and biking on these trails. They are absolutely stunning, come see for yourself!


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La Quinta Fun Things To Do are Filled with Outdoor Activities:

Investing in Real Estate in Palm Springs, Real Estate, Fun Things To Do

Vacations and childhood alike are all about exploring the unexplored. There are so many things to do in La Quinta, such as outdoor activities. Here is a list of all the fun things to do and places to explore in La Quinta:

  • Marvyn’s Magic Theater:

Marvyn’s Magic Theater is full of Magic, comedy, and entertainment. Everything is marvelous, starting from the interior to the performances. It can accommodate 129 people at a time and boasts new and fresh shows weekly. The standard show is 75 minutes with music adding to its charm and Magic to help theater goers relax and wonder. Even the biggest names in theatre love Marvyn’s Magic! It is a perfect place for tranquility and amusement.

  • La Quinta Museum:

Preserving the past, enriching the present, and enhancing the future. This is the cornerstone of the Museum of La Quinta. Needless to say, La Quinta Museum is definitely a fun thing to do  and is worth visiting. It is the best possible way to learn about the community and its historical perspective. In the museum, you can read many books related to the roots and history of La Quinta. It has two floors; the second floor is all about the famous Salton Sea and Helen. There are no charges for the events happening in the museum. The museum is open from 10 am to 4 pm Tuesday to Saturday. It includes two Exhibition galleries. You’ll see when you visit one is dedicated to the Desert club and La Quinta hotel with its rich and famous history.

  • Mountain Course:

santa rosa mountain

Photo graciously provided under common use, courtesy of Wikipedia user Matthew Peters

La Quinta is a beautiful home to golf clubs surrounded by beautiful mountains. It is at the base of the Santa Rosa Mountains and is famous for its playability and gorgeous visuals. There are spas and rooms equipped with the finest furniture. The view from the iconic La Quinta Resort rooms is lovely, with greenery as far as you can see.


  • Catholic Church St Francis Assisi:

It is one of the most peaceful Churches with good singers. The artwork is immaculate. The sculptures in the foyer and paintings are grabbing the attention of the visitors. It is easy to locate its position on Washington Street. If you are into this, go check it out! You won’t be disappointed.

  • PGA West Stadium Golf Course:

Invest in La Quinta, La Quinta, Fun things to do, Real Estate

PGA Golf course is the first which comes to the mind when thinking about the finest golf courses. In La Quinta, it is actually a set of six golf courses. The land of the PGA golf course spans 600 acres. It is considered the heart of greater Palm Springs. Many high profile celebrities from Hollywood have visited this resort and continue enjoying their services and investing in real estate nearby.

  • Silver Rock Resort:

La Quinta is all about the resorts and Golf courses. The most rated and famous Golf courses are in La Quinta. Silver Rock Resort is another one of them. It covers over 200 acres with natural beauty and great water hallmarks. The resort is open daily for breakfast until lunch, from the time of 6am to 2pm. There is lovely outdoor seating in the picturesque La Quinta settings.

  • Hiking at the Trail of Fred Wolff Bear Creek:

The extraordinary Bear Creek Urban Trail is 5.3 miles long. The Trail enters the Fred Wolff Nature Preserve. It offers much more to see than you can elsewhere. Hiking at the Trail of Fred Wolff Bear Creek is a must fun thing to do for those who already enjoy the Santa Ross and Jacinto Mountains. Prepared to be taken aback in views you never imagined!


  • Aerial Tramway around La Quinta:

aerial tramway la quinta

Photo graciously provided under common use, courtesy of Wikipedia user MField

La Quinta also provides good proximity for its tourists with the ride of yes, the alluring aerial tramway. The cable cabin ride starts from the desert of the Sonorans and moves towards the mountains of San Jacinto. It then gets off at 2,838 meters above sea level. This panoramic ride lets all riders experience the natural beauty of California.

  • Lake Cahuilla:

It is the number one tourist attraction and fun thing to do of La Quinta, and we did save the best for last. Imagine… the lake lies 6 miles southeast away from the city. However, the place is heaven for the camp lovers. It has got every equipment imaginable for hiking, camping, horse riding, swimming, and other sports. As a result, the tourists who love doing adventures and are interested in exploring the beauty of natural activities come here to spend their vacations. You can also just take a day trip and hang out, there are lots of benches and you’ll still feel like you have the vast lake to yourself. Its not often visitors go to the lake, many don’t know about stunning and unspoiled Lake Cahuilla.


That may have been 10 fun things to do and know if you include the general category of parks, but we strive to go above and beyond expectations for our community to live their best.


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