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Investing In Real Estate || Airbnb || Home Jobs For Moms 2020

September 1st 2020

Investing in real estate (..and Airbnb!) is an earning opportunity for baby boomers & an excellent work from home job for mom

Investing in real estate (..and Airbnb!) is popular among Baby Boomers. Real estate has excellent work from home jobs for moms opportunities. Airbnb is an online community marketplace that conjugates people who are looking to live their best lifestyle with real estate to rent with those who are searching for accommodation.

Investing in real estate (..and Airbnb!) is an earning opportunity for baby boomers & an excellent work from home job for mom

Happiness is, planning a trip to somewhere new with someone you love!


Why are people buying Airbnb in Palm Springs & throughout Coachella Valley?

The dramatic scenes, beautiful golf courses, magnificent estates, exceptional dining, soothing spa treatments, vibrant nightlife to develop the ultimate experience. The Coachella Valley is not less than the destination place. It is a positive vibe and a lifestyle. It's just calm and provides relaxation of mind. Peace everywhere. You can find everything in this fabulous place that you desire. There are 9 cities that complete the Coachella valley. These include the Palm springs, Palm Desert, Rango Mirage, Cathedral City, Hot Springs, and Coachella. Here you will merge into the exciting experience. 


Who doesn’t want to live at this heavenly place! Your outstanding Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners who help make your My Best Lifestyle Pros experience remarkable, directed by Lea, your royal realtor, helps you buy your desired real estate in this beautiful place and a regal guide for moms who work from home venturing in real estate.

Palm Springs

A magic air… nowhere else in the entire globe - Warm, Healing, Soothing & Charming -

A real remedy for the healthy lifestyle!


The second home for the Chuhullia Indians; Palm springs, with the real inhabitants. This beautiful and aesthetic city is known as the highway for the tourists (and Airbnb income!). So far, Palm Springs has transformed into the destination place for baby boomers. Palm Springs has an exceptional reputation of classy resorts and real estate along with the latest architecture and many fun places.


The visit to this place is incomplete without having a visit to Palm spring Aerial Tramway, where you can enjoy the beauty of San Jacinto mountains. It is a wise decision to invest in real estate of these places as there is a huge crowd of tourists and visitors who are looking for good Airbnb accommodation. With Lea - your wise and caring realtor, you can have great financial advice about how to invest in real estate for great benefits in relatively no time and how to use this industry to get  work from home jobs for moms 

Investing in real estate (..and Airbnb!) is an earning opportunity for baby boomers & an excellent work from home job for mom

Palm Desserts


The geographical centre of oasis communities, Palm Desert, is referred to as the stunning mountain views, at least 350 sunny days, an encouraging environment that boosts up your lifestyle. As a result, this city grabs the attention of a huge number of people and foreigners. 


People living in their real estates enjoy adequate options for shopping including stores and avenues. On the other side, Palm desert also focuses on education. It has college campuses for the students and teenagers so that their studies and careers don’t suffer at all. Also in the nearby area are Universities i.e. around 45 minutes away is University of California, Riverside. This is the major reason to invest in real estate in this place. It provides all the facilities and necessities of a luxurious lifestyle for everyone including real estate  work from home jobs for moms 


The oasis offers sufficient options for shopping, which mainly includes the Palm Dessert’s

EI Paseo, known as the Rodeo Drive of the Desert; & its finance store!


This beautiful place, the gem of the desert, also captures the delightful moment of sunrise and sunset between the mountains and the full bloom sea. You can’t resist without checking out the Palm Desert Museum which features more exciting and sophisticated events to make your visit worth it.


Along with your outstanding financial advice from Leathe realtor of Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners, which she co-founded, you can invest in the right place with the confidence of a healthy and tension-free lifestyle in future as well. We are here to fulfil you dream to negotiate all your real estate needs.



From the glorious days, you spend under the sun to outstanding artistic adventures,

we, the renowned real estate team with Lea, the Realtor, spoil you in the way of your choice.

Here, you, not only, find a beautiful place for your real estate but also

a fantastic neighbourhood that provides peace to your soul!



Cathedral City


Cathedral City provides visitors with amazing shopping and dining experience along with the excellent location and ambience which ultimately grabs the attention of tourists and a huge population. This city is resistant between the two most aesthetic cities i.e. Palm spring & Rancho Mirage respectively. It is the Baby Boomers' recreation state. The recreational places are entertaining enough to wake a kid in everyone. There is a full service of skating. The Santa Rosa mountain is the main support to visit in the cathedral city, situated to the south side. Knowing this, we are not surprised that it is so popular among baby boomers.


According to the US News and World Report, Cathedral City is known as having the best retirement support. One of the main reasons to consider this pretty place is the Desert Memorial Park, which is also known as the resting place of Palm Springs. The home decor and furniture shops are very beautifully structured and look very unique and innovative. No one can resist without investing in the real estate at this place. This place is truly a blessing!


If you have years of experience in real estate investing or just a little, you must see

a financial advisor who negotiates it all - with our team’s personal and professional experience of decades.  We’ll build the best lifestyle for you… with Lea, the realtor,  

and you can have the best finance investing experience with  

Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners as well, a registered investment advisory!



There’s More to Palm Springs, the True Gem of the Desert; and as a Local I am Sharing it With You

Investing in real estate (..and Airbnb!) is an earning opportunity for baby boomers & an excellent work from home job for mom

Among the most sophisticated and affluent communities in the Palm Springs desert area, and with about 80% of real estate located in this area. Therefore, Rancho Mirage is considered as the most wanted place of the Coachella valley. 


The ambience of Rancho Mirage is WOAH! Is exceptionally outstanding as no one can neglect this place. No one can resist without visiting this wonderful place. The real states, hotels, resorts, dining all along with an amazing lake view enhance the beauty of this place. You will never regret investing in real estate in this place. It is considered as the opening place for tours. Therefore a great way to generate income through Airbnb.


With me, Lea, your outstanding realtor, you can invest in the real state of your choice,

venture on Airbnb and secure your future and retirement as well.


Now, if we talk about the Coachella Valley, about 80% of the land is free i.e. without any development. This place is so natural and so pure and perfect for investing in real estate. The atmosphere, the weather, and the climate is so pleasant. The air is fresh. This area is the spot point of the farmers to grow healthy vegetables over there. 



Coachella Valley


Is a very successful investment for innovative real estate styles and architecture. There is an ideal home for every type of individual. Housing schemes in this valley range from mid-century houses to the modern and luxurious home styles. In conclusion, everything you want, you will get without getting into any trouble. 


The lifestyle style experts and financial investors and planners offer about 30 trailblazers for the minorities and women such as mompreneur which refer to provide the earning opportunities for young moms by working from home.


At Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners, our main objective is to focus on generate income through  work from home jobs for moms . For mothers to have a healthy and best life ahead.  Call me, Lea for your best lifestyle in investing in real estate or financial planning. 



I will guide you home with the royal real estate experience

that runs deep in my family for generations; and in the cities I call home.

Rancho Mirage, Los Angeles & specifically Playa Vista!

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