Imagine living in a luxury neighborhood in both outer Hollywood and the space of the San Fernando Valley! Don't imagine, live it!!


We will help you find the perfect home here in Studio City, as we live near!!!

Estudio City,  a great place for living your best life and investing in real estate!

You're seeing just one of many lovely houses in Studio City!! Dining a la fresca anyone?


Have you ever imagined living in a quiet suburb of San Fernando Valley but as close as possible to Hollywood? 


You can live in this beautiful and luxury neighborhood, we will find for you the perfect house - and in your budget!!


The way of living in Studio City is unique, you won't find it anywhere else! 

Live in amazing   Estudio City and enjoy San Fernando Valley and more!!!

Homes in the flats and hillside of Studio City are in close proximity to famed Ventura Blvd, which starts in Studio City and runs all the way to Woodland Hills. This strip is famous for celebrity spotting and every type of food or service you could imagine! Investing in real estate in San Fernando Valley with Lea, your wise and caring realtor is an experience like nothing else.

Start investing in real estate in Studio City today! Contact Lea, your wise and caring realtor. Our team will help guide you home


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Investing in real estate and living in Estudio City is the right choice for many!



Studio City is fantastic! It is really lovely. It has a home vibe everywhere. There are a lot of small businesses and small restaurants that are charming and help make you feel connected to the community. It is amazing because  here you can find everything!


Residents of Studio City are so happy to live here, because this place is really amazing!! If you like to be near Downtown LA but you still prefer a quiet lifestyle, this place is perfect for you!


There are also many celebrities living here in Studio City! So don't be surprised if you find them in the streets, they love the calm lifestyle Studio City offers and its excellent proximitey to many freeways of Los Angeles. There are many type of houses here, you can choose the type you want, from condos to apartments. It depends on you what you prefer, and if you are coming alone or are raising a family.




Estudio Living, it's a hidden gem. San Fernando Valley has so much to offer


We will help guide you home in and around Studio City! There are a lot of things to do for fun in Studio City! Plus, as the name implies, there are multiple studios. So you can go and visit where your favorite production companies have offices, restaurants that they all dine at, which are stunning, and enjoy many types of food from fine dining to the best authentic cultural take out you can imagine.


Even though it is a small town, Studio City is really really close to downtown Los Angeles, Burbank, it is right next to Universal Studios, so if you don't want to stay or if you want to explore more fun, you can do it a few miles away! You are near to the best part of LA!! Contact Lea, your wise and caring realtor.


Come and enjoy Studio City!

We will help you to live here!

It may look like a dream, but it's possible!! Contact us and we will help you!

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